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New Year Resolutions for 2012

116 swim coaching session plans at a glance

I’m thinking of New Year’s Resolutions:

I always think of these ahead of the festive season so I’m prepared come January 1st. The other thing, is you can give it a bit of a go now without any feeling of obligation to make a true run of it.

Swimming and swim teaching & coaching

I will swim, not 3 times a week, but once at least. I will also return to coaching after a 9 month break: I flourished in the role and the swimmers I taught and coached did well too.

Complete B822, my fifth of six modules towards the Masters in Open & Distance Education. I’d like to graduate in 2012 but the timing of my final 30 credit module may take me into 2013: doing two in parallel for 4 months looks foolish.

As ever, blog. Even a picture and 30 words, but something every day.

Is 10,000 page views attainable this week, but 50,000 across 2012? My OU student blog peaked at 1,800 views a day for a period, can that be achieved here with greater focus, value … and video?

On verra

Returning here on 5th January I can report that:
I am teaching swimming again
I have not swum, but I did go to Sno!zone in MiltonKeynes.
I am drinking coffee after breakfast, indeed my last is after lunch.
Blipfoto has been more miss than hit.
But I do generally blog every day.
I do something on LinkedIn every day: does that count?

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  1. petedenton says:

    Well done for being so organised. I wish I had thought about 2012 so much. Maybe later. Good luck in achieving them.

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