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When’s the best time to blog?

Now! It is always immediate. Ten years ago you had to be plumbed in, online at home writing into that blank space; today you can do it through a smartphone while walking the dog, on the commute or attending a conference. A penny for your thoughts? Your current, spontaneous, candid thoughts, perhaps profound, maybe mundane, we forgive you either way at the expense of openness and honesty.


So you get the ‘The Perfect Man’ recumbent rather than upright: never mind, this is how I read when I read at all: in bed or the bath (on the beach or a boat in summer).

‘Perorations’ is my Waller word this time, it was ‘splendiferous’ last week. He does tend to slip into the late Victorian / Edwardian lingo with ease. An Oscar Wilde in the making?

This is a book that crosses over in so many directions it is like a recently stunned and bundled blue bottle in a spider’s web; i would recommend it to gym owners and leisure centre franchises, I would recommend it to historians and to sociologists, I’d also recommend it as a biography whose narrative escapes into the literary.

Only now do I appreciate the war mongering, gung-ho dilemma faced by the British Empire when facing off first the Boers and then Germany; it even puts my late grandfather in context, born in 1896 and certain his earliest memory was of an enormous bonfire lit on the Spa Fields, Shotley Bridge, in 1902 when he was five, turning six so probable.

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