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On keeping a dream diary


Creative Dreaming

Appearing as a King’s Guard Special in the Walt Disney Movie ‘King Arthur and the Spaceman’. Here with my sister, one of the casting assistants in the courtyard of Alnwick Castle.

I suspect I was introduced to the idea of keeping a dream diary by my older sister in 1976 or 1977, probably from an article in a magazine promoting the work of Patricia Garfield.

As I kept a diary and enjoy exploring what my mind came up with in my dreams I would often write the dreams down, got used to exploring even returning to the dream and have many already online.

Around 2002 I came across a set of 20+ questions to ask yourself when probing for meaning in a dream; I would quote the source if I knew it.

Rather than fill this diary I have generally kept a separate dream diary.


McKim, R.H. (1980) Experiences in Visual Thinking, Belmont, CA, PWS ( Wadworth Inc.) pp 101-3

Garfield, P. (1976) Creative Dreaming, New York, Ballantine, Chapter 8, ‘How to keep your dream diary’.


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