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Trivia, dreams, philosophy, a nail in the foot


35 years ago Walter Isaacson was studying philosophy at Pembroke College, Oxford under Dr Z A Pelczynski.

Calling my in-laws to thank them for the Steve Jobs biography, stood on a nail and had to be run to the Radcliffe Hospital. Such anecdotes are common as ZAP taught some great young minds; we’ve just been celebrating his 50th Wedding Anniversary and 85th birthday.

I am also working my way through something called the ‘Techniques Library’ from an MBA module with the OU and Stumbleupon a piece about ‘Keeping a dream diary’ which I feel certain I was introduced to some 35 years ago by my older sister.

I have put some of these dreams online at so that others might learn from the technique. I trust I’ve not disclosed anything too personal nor confidential.

There’s always the danger that people believe what you dream is what you think, whereas I believe they indicate how you feel.

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