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B822 Techniques Library: Super Heroes


Thor by Image by xploitme (creative commons)

I like this technique as an ice-breaker, its fun element and its potential to crack a few problems open and offer a solution or two.

This is a fantasy based version of ‘Rolestorming’ and comes from Grossman and Catlin (1985).

Simple. You pretend to be a ficticious super hero and use their super hero characteristics to trigger ideas. There is the Marvel model, but I rather like the more down to earth traits of the characters in ‘Being Human’ or ‘Misfits’.

Come prepared with:

A set of super heroes their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Is there a set of Top Trump cards that does this?

Bring along some props. (This is starting to sound like one of those ‘Murder Mystery’ Games.

Once in character and having introduced yourself in this role we set the narrative going.

  • A good warming up exercise.
  • Implicit is the ability to break the normal bounds/chains.
  • Wish fulfilment can be revealing
  • It will generate ideas.

Not perhaps for a financial or employment review session, but could be used for soft and social issues, from planning a social event to solving a communications problem that requires some creative input.


Grossman, S. and Catling, K (1985) Super Heroes, presentatiopn at the 31st Annual Creative Problem Solving Institute, Buffalo, N.Y. The Creative Education Foundation.

VanGundy (1988) Techniques of Structured Problem Solving, 2nd ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold. Technique 4.56, pp. 180-2

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