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B822 Techniques Library : Random Stimuli

1) Identify what it is you want ideas for.
2) Grab an idea from a paper, from looking out of the window, or by throwing dice.
3) Connect this idea back to the issue, if necessary using Free Association or Excursion.
4) If it doesn’t work try something else.

Could pick a fixed or specific element of the problem and do the same.

* Select grammatically appropriate stimuli: noun+verb, adjective+noun, but make bizarre combinations (which is how David Bowie often wrote song lyrics).

* Deliberately do something different, or speak to someone new or travel home in a different way.

* Allow the idea to incubate while going about your normal day.


Whiting (1958), Taylor (1962), de Bono (1970), Rickards (1974) and VanGundy

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