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7×7 Seven from the seventy or more blogs I follow

Stacie Pridden : OU History Undergraduate who is waiting for a double transplant (heart and lungs). stacie writes honestly with wit and stoicism. http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/oublog/view.php?user=723652

Martin Weller : OU Professor (e-learning).
http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/ A rounded blog that offers insights to his life and his mind.

Grainne Conole : Formerly of the OU, Southampton and Bristol, now at Liecester. Professor of e-learning with a particular interest in blogging. http://e4innovation.com/?m=201201

Sukaina Walji : OU Masters in Open & Distance Education student. http://littlegreycells.posterous.com/
Following my blog a year ago she asked questions about the course and joined from Cape Town.

Peter Cook : Big Tim Rock ‘n Roll Business Guru (Creativity & Management). http://humandynamics.wordpress.com/

Kim Tasso : Marketing & Management, London Life and the Single Parent. An OU MBA graduate along with Peter Cook. Interviewed here on blogging.

Steven Pressfield : Author with a penchant for war, ancient and modern. Coined the word ‘resistance’ in the context of reasons to put off writing. An insightful blog and shop window http://www.stevenpressfield.com/

Somewhere here I list the 150 or so blogs that have thus far caught my eye.

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