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Creative Problem Solving : Role Storming

Griggs (1985) idea generation as someone else. Easier to be silly in character (see Superheroes)

1) start with conventional brainstorming to sift ideas.

2) individual or joint role play to develop it further.


Griggs, R.E. (1985) ‘A Storm of Ideas’, reported in Training, 22, 66 (November)

Based on: VanGundy, A.B. (1988) Techniques of Structured Problem Solving, 2nd ed., Van Nostrand. Technique 4.48, p. 163

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  1. Rick Griggs says:

    Stunning image for my “Rolestorming” creativity tool. It reflects the “Saint-Sinner-Winner” roles during the process. Nice work!
    Rick Griggs, creator of Rolestorming

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