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How NHS Direct uses Sitecore to tailor responses

NHS Direct use Sitecore to manage their content in order to help ensure that the right content is found by the person who needs it.

Content is at the centre of everything. This means getting content to the right audience hubs, reversioned so that Google doesn’t ignore it rather than simply generating their own content which is expensive.

The Problem for NHS Direct is that people are unsure of the obline choices.

The solution was seen from a persona perspective the answer a combination of the ‘Online health and symptom checker’ that in a series of steps would get you either to:

  • Deal with it yourself
  • Visit a Pharmacy
  • Have a Webchat with a nurse
  • Or have a telphone Callback
  • Or Referred to GP

Various costs and the potential saving to the NHS were given from:

  • £219 to call out an ambulance
  • £95 For a visit to A & E
  • Or £32 to see your GP.
  • Whereas online you can be dealt with for £8-12
  • While with self analysis it is as little as 5p

Sitecore Leverages content

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