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The School of Communication Arts

Like a School of Performing Arts, this ‘School of Arts’ is all about vibrancy and doing. This afternoon so much was being done that for the first time I could see that I wasn’t going to fill my afternoon spending 40 minutes with six out of the ten or so groups, in fact there were only two ‘groups’ around, everyone else off and about shooting or editing presentations: there is a D&AD student deadline this week.

The ideas that I saw worked with the same product going in very different directions. I particularly liked the idea of a Sodastream being used for making sparkling water for a refreshing face wash, Nesspresso being taken into the outer reaches of sleepy, rural England while another found the ‘speed’ to a quality coffee worked when juxtaposed with fast cars and a Michael Schumacker endorsement – far more convincing than George Clooney.

I caught other campaigns at a distance as they were presented to the Dean. Various great ideas have come together that could be big and live tomorrow.

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