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The commercially branded BA, certificate, diploma or MBA

Dr. Z.A.Pelczynski takes a philosophy tutorial, Pembroke College, 1960s.

The brand is the first and trusted touch point for the learner. Whether they want to be entertained or acquire learning that can be applied to their career or job seeking is a moot point.

Does an Oxbridge education cease to be one without the college and tutorial focus?

Would it be counterintuitive for the OU to offer campus based studying?

The School of Communication Arts is industry supported and may even be a Bartle Bogle Hegarty academy; I did this in 1987. There is no qualification as the end game is employment. A piece of paper demonstrates nothing other than ‘staying the course’, that you can deliver via the process and intellectualise it.

In 2001 I was involved with FT Knowledge in their first efforts to produce an online MBA: the brand may run to this yet, indeed as digital takes over from print and they employ a Forum Manager, informal social learning occurs by default. I would study animation through Pixar, civil engineering through ABB, Health Care Management through BUPA, logistics with UGC, computing with Microsoft, marketing with P&G, and as you have mentioned, Journalism with the BBC, so how about investment banking with Goldman Sachs and commercial law with Herbert Smith (which of course they already do in-house with substantial cohorts). If the author Steven Pressfield offered an online creative writing course I’d take it, the goal not a qualification but a book published.

Could you even focus the learning on a person rather than the brand? The Max Clifford School of PR, the Cherie Booth, or come to think of it, Tony Blair School of Law?

Were not the first universities in Bologna, Paris, Oxford and Cambridge developed around individual ‘educators’ who of necessity became associated with hostelries and libraries?

Seriously though, would a Virgin MBA sell with Richard Branson as self-appointed Dean?


  1. I want to be the self-annointed Dean at the Academy of Rock or R OU K !


  2. yes first we have to graduates and then we do masters….

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