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Time Travel

I have a predisposition to construct stories. I am particularly attracted to portals to other worlds of for time travel. The Dr has his Tardis, I thought this this lavatory unit showed potential:

It has the proportions of a Time Machine. HGWells would have seen it. It does not have to be bigger on the inside that it is on the outside (even though it gave this impression).

I like the fact that it appears so immovable (in case someone came along a stole it?)

The shard offers a launch pad. I would segue any film-making into the booth being shot skyward like an elevator, shrinking in size until it vanishes to nothing at the tip.

Only to reappear …

A month in the past?

I can use the combination as a aide memoir. This was may three days in London, combining visits to production companies, a presentation by elearning experts Epic and mentoring at the School of Communication Arts.

Or a decade?

Or at some time in the future?

Then what?

And who does it take on the journey?


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