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An MBA exam on ‘Creativity, Innovation & Change’

As a postgraduate student of the Masters in Open & Distance Education I should reflect on the value and purpose of the end of module written exam; unlike my undergraduate course this doesn’t count for everything, there have already been three marked assignments. I scrape a pass here of 40% and I come out with an overall score of 66%.

Whilst ‘business’ has never been my forte as a subject or manager in a large organisation I think I can get a mark in the 60s.

During the revision process I have written nine essays all will be written up, embellished and posted. I know that the necessary process of addressing a theme, developing six or so points and providing the requisite introduction and conclusion will make these more focused than my usual stream of consciousness or notes, perhaps making them more readable and valuable pieces.

For sure I have rediscovered the value of shutting myself away for three hours at a time with nothing but pen and paper.

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