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Are you in the flow? What about your team? Where do they stand?

The value of being taught in a classroom or workshop is that the tutor can draw on their knowledge to suit the moment.

This is one of the most memorable images I will take from the OU MBA module ‘Creativity Innovation & Change’ because married with other things I came to understand about myself it represents when things go well and when they do not, what it takes for me to be in the ‘flow’ is a narrow band of frenetic activity, the night before a live show, the morning of a live broadcast on location, swimmers in the warm up at a big competition … as well as quiet though equally engaged periods with a drawing or piece of fiction.

As a manager you want everyone in the flow do you not?

A team of types who complete a variety of tasks required to see a project through to its successful conclusion.

Complementing this is Kirton’s Adaptor Innovator Scores, knowing if someone’s preferred operating style is to ‘do things better’ or ‘to do things differently’.


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  1. Rosie says:

    I am here… http://moretimeforlaughing.wordpress.com/
    Hiding from the mind games of people who have made it clear I am unwelcome in their lives and yet see it as accaeptable to stalk me on my blog. I don’t mind strangers doing it, but “family”… that’s not right!
    Hope you’re well, Rx

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