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Let’s take a walk with Steve Jobs

Search the Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography for an idea of how often Steve Jobs took friends and colleagues, rivals too on long walks and you wonder if this is an important creative problem solving tool that should be taught at Business School. There are over 150 references which must refer to some 80 walks. It is well documented that getting away frim the desk and out of the office is an excellent way to free up the mind to relax and daydream, indeed ‘Start the Week’ today on Radio 4 with Andrew Marr gave us the ‘how to be creative’ story from a variety of angles.

There’s more than just the walk though, there’s the cluster in Silicon Valley that means there is a key industry player up the road with whom you can take a walk.

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  1. Andrew Marr could have read B822 for the show imho

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