Reading the Steve Jobs biog for the second time over I am struck how he and Bill Gates compare, Jobs using his power to invest in more products and other passions while Gates has gone into philanthropy. Add Gandhi and Hitler to the conversation and the idea that power is the personality on speed is supported. Reflecting on a recently comleted OU MBA module ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’ we read about the 4Ps that result in the successful conception, delivery and nurturing of a new idea: playfulness, passion, persuasion and persistence, however ‘power’ surely overrides all of these, with ‘power’ you can push through the barriers that block or trip the powerless. And what is power? A vast supply of ready, disposable cash and position.

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  1. Medellin09 says:

    But power can also come from a large number of supporters ready to follow – Gandhi’s power didn’t come from cash or position…

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