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What impact does primary education have on how someone turns out?

‘They came really close to beating any creativity out of me’. says Steve Jobs of his primary education. Ahe had parents who listened, struggled, even moved house to get him a better start. what’s your story?


  1. ona76 says:

    From my own primary school experience I can relate to Steve Jobs’ account! Unfortunately my parents weren’t that up-to-speed with the ins and outs of the UK school system so I languished in a school that didn’t understand me and I certainly didn’t understand them. My eldest child is pretty similiar to me – hot-headed, bright, stubborn, defiant – I have enrolled him in a private school because of the smaller classes and the more active learning ethos they follow. So far, he has calmed down a lot and is much happier than when he was at nursery. I think early years schooling counts for a lot and quality is important.

  2. ona76 says:

    Sue Palmer is worth a read. She is an educational psychologist and has written several books on the problems with EY care and primary schooling: The books that I reccmmend are: Toxic Childhood, Detoxifying Childhood, and The Problem with 21st Century boys.

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