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Measuring the effectiveness of e-learning

I stumbled upon this in the on the Brightwave website.

Charles Gould on why it is nonsense to buy e–learning by the hour and costing it as such (just as in the past video production, often learning orientated, was ball-parked on the cost per minute).

What you should do:

Identify a clear business problem or opportunity to which e-learning can be effectively applied.

Choose the provider based on two things:

  1. their clear solution to the business need
  2. a means of measuring the value that solution delivers

Clients once established soon value effectiveness over the length/duration of a piece of work, even whether or not it wins awards. What matters is evidence of learning effectiveness.  I was first introduced to this measure in advertising: can you measure the effectiveness of a campaign, can you demonstrate that the creative input added value in relation to sales? (I did a study on Walnut Whip advertising in my first few months at J Walter Thomson, London).

I saw the same thing in linear video-based learning, not the duration of the package, but its effectiveness, something that become measurable as we went interactive.

(As a producer with The Visual Link: TVL I was involved in all manner of learning projects from Health & Safety at Sellafield, for Northern Electric and Yorkshire Water to induction at the Crown Prosecution Service and product knowledge for GlaxoSmithKline).

Effectiveness and common standards of measuring effectiveness are key to delivering value, improving e–learning systems and knowing best how to exploit advances in e–learning.

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