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Online learning with Brightwave : live, interactive, engaging, more like an ‘Oxbridge’ Tutorial on speed

I have no reason to plug these guys but as an e-learning practitioner I want to try and engage with everything ‘out there’. I was fabulously impressed with this service and totally sold on the benefits of blended learning, of doing it live, synchronously with a highly professional, amusing and sparky moderator and equally passionate fellow students.

  • Extraordinarily easy to log in.
  • Checked with email.
  • Loaded and checked I had the software, had to add plugin.


This  level of intensity is sustainable over the duration of an academic module, it brings the ‘Oxbridge Tutorial’ to everyone.

Matt came over as a broadcaster. This quality counts, he has a naturally engaging  voice.

We are asked to:

  • Understand how people view us
  • Know which areas make a difference
  • Make the most of knowledge

We are shown a couple of brand icons:

  • Volvo
  • VW

What do you think, expressed in live messaging. allows multiple, rapid quasi synchronous offerings.

  • Manage the risk of any misinterpretation.
  • Areas of Influence
We respond in the messaging stream, to these questions, to the responses and questions of others in this stream and to what Matt says if he picks out a point that we make.

Exposure: how aware people are of you.

It doesn’t require bells and whistles. The platform is simple. There is ample opportunity to interact, to play, to be tested and to test yourself. It is engaging (in the hands of the right e-moderator).

The human interaction is key, both the stream of chat from fellow students and the responses from the e-moderator.

We learn best from each other with the right mix of the knowledgeable and the ignorant who are keen to learn.

People rate those who use simpler words as more intelligent. Oppenheimer, Journal of Applied Psychology 2005.

What do you say about yourself.

Three voice mail messages.

Write what you think of each.

  • Boring
  • Eager
  • Does what it needs to do.

Thoughts on exposure.

  •  Who are the main decision-makers and influencers?
  • Internally, externally.

Where are you on their radar?

What can we do to balance things out? To raise your exposure with them.


Get out of your comfort zone

  • Follow–up ideas
  • Make suggestions
  • Be more visible
  • Optional meetings
  • Training
  • Working lunches

The Pratfall Effect

Aronson et al, Psychonomic Science 1996


How are you going to put it into practice?

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