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Thinking through the e-learning design process with Brightwave, BT and Laura Overton of Towards Maturity

The benefits of e-learning in a fragile economy

Brightwave’s e-learning production process

Great to have a few months between MA modules as it gives me the opportunity to look beyond the Masters in Open and Distance Education (MAODE) modules  at what interests me most: learning and development in a corporate setting, the practicalities of enhancing the skills and building on the motivations and interests of people in their daily working lives.

Brightwave are one of several substantial, global e-learning players with their base in Brighton, one of the 1200+ web and online technology companies based on England’s South Coast, centred on Brighton and fanning out to Lewes, to Burgess Hill and across to Worthing.

(See more @Wired Sussex)

The above chart adds detail to a familiar production process.

The benefit of turning to an outside supplier for such services (and for the the supplier to call upon the specialist skills of freelancers), is the accountability, the clarity of the stages, the parameters set by budgets and schedules and the lack of politics, as well as the engagement with a diversity of cultures, experiences and background which you simply do no get when everything is carried out in-house, the biggest bugbear of most providers in the the tertiary sector who insist on doing it all themselves.

Watch some of their videos

Particularly impressed with Laura Overton who I have heard speak at Learning Technologies in the past.

Laura Overton

Watch the video on the Brightwave website HERE

Brightwave, quite rightly, include a transcript with these face paced, tightly edited, packed interviews.

This doesn’t preclude the benefit of taking notes. I also cut and paste the transcript then go through highlighting, re-arranging the text and doing what Jakob Neilsen would call making it ‘web friendly’.

Even if I don’t share this online, the act of doing this is a vital way to engage and memorize the information.

I’ve come to understand in the last few days (B822 End of Module Exam) that a ‘mnemonic’ is any devise or technique that aids memory, so reading this start the myelination process, comment and those tracks become established. Cut and paste, doing something of your own with the content, go follow the links, add links of your own, cut and paste into a blog (here or externally), then share it into Facebook or Twitter and pick up others who know more or less and can contribute.

All of this is a very human way og aggregating and securing knowledge.

Ideally everyone would be milling around my garden right now, we’d pick up the conversation, then drift away to other things.

Equally convincing, and I’ve interviewing Learning Directors myself, is Nick Shackleton-Jones from BP


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