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Digital Scholarship

For ‘digitization’ read ‘atomization’ as the edges between a book and a blog, a lecture and a webinar, a half-overheard conversation on a bus and a Tweet blend into one, become elements of greater or less cohesive flotsam and jetsum in a digital water cycle, where content is churned, runs with the currents or evaporates into the atmosphere.

Whilst it was once possible to define someone as a scholar for how they behaved, their qualifications and even their job description said what they were, in future there will be less conventional routes to the scholarly accolade, indeed as this is a revolutionary rather than an evolutionary phase we are entering we cannot know where they are all coming from until they arrive.

I could be lying under a table in the Bodleian, ready to raid the stacks to indulge every whim and not be better served than I am online, iPad in hand, recumbent on a bed. I chat it through with family over dinner and with anyone who catches my words online. Ideas form.

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