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Study Design

The design of this study will reflect much of what McLoughlin and Lee (2008) have called ‘Pedagogy 2.0, that is the integration into the learning environment of Web 2.0 tools that support socio-constructivist learning approaches and focus on knowledge creation, peer networking, community creation and a learner centered approach.

Hiltz and Meinke (1989) study found that the level of engagement by students was strongly related to their level of cognitive maturity and their more mature understanding of the nature of knowledge.


Hiltz, S.R. and Meinke, R. (1989) ‘Teaching sociology in a virtual classroom’, Teaching Sociology, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 431–46.
McLoughlin, C., and M. Lee. 2008. ‘Future learning landscapes: Transforming pedagogy through social software.’ Innovate 4 (5). http://www.innovateonline.info/index.php?view=article&id=539 (accessed 10 June 2008).

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