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Who are you?

Over a decade ago in Diaryland there was a communal sense of read and be read and contribute. Today this very modest global perspective only offers me the challenge of trying to get a page view from EVERY country in a 24 hour period. I think 173 is my tops last August.

I played a numbers game in 1999. Anyone. I think six of us shared this idea of strangers online. By 2002 I was running a blogathon, 1,000 words on the hour for 24 hours with participants around the world … for no better reason than we could.

The clear fall out and implosion that will occur leaving the tatters of Facebook behind is the human component of those friends who matter and our slightly wider circle.

Meanwhile I feel I want to get to know the people who are reading this blog or simply linking to it. I read and respond to others. So who are you?

My inclination will be to exclude anyone who doesn’t declare their intrigue. Stats say less than 9% care to respond, so if you are shy an ‘X’ will do.


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