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Testing e-learning

I find it remarkable to be in such a valued and valuable role for e-learning.

Testing might be a nearly finished or finished e-learning product, but proof reading can start with the initial proposal document and the first plans, or blue prints or wire-frames for the course itself. I am therefore being a second pair of eyes to support sales, project management, learning design, build and graphics.

I am looking to support, comment on or correct grammar and spelling, but also thinking about how well something communicates, whether it works or not – anything to ease the user experience, while adhering to appropriate style guides of course. Along the way I am having my own usage and abusage of English fixed, so at last I can correct who to whom, while deleting commas, and reducing the use of parentheses to aid clarity of communication.

I’m starting to pay attention to accessibility to.

How does a screen reader like JAWS perform?

I’ve been watching YouTube demonstrations from blind or partially sighted people. Come September I’ll be doing formal reviews of software such as JAWS as part of the Open University module ‘Accessibility’ as part of their Masters in Open and Distance Education.


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