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Taking Gagné’s events of instruction and having a go.

Gagné’s events of instruction:

1. Gaining attention
The scene opener, even the preview or title sequence. For swimming butterfly we may watch Plelps, or in contrast a butterfly struggling in a pond of water.

2. Informing the learner of the objective
Laying out your stall. For swimming butterfly setting levels of attainment across the swimming grades, with skills to acquire and times or distances to make.

3. Stimulating recall of prerequisite learning
Tapping into what has already been understood – creating empathy. For swimming butterfly building on what should already be in place with the basic dolphin kick, the controlled blowing out and breathing in and control and unerstanding of streamlining as well as bent and straight arm actions.

4. Presenting the stimulus material
Presenting the case, offering evidence that might impress or inspire, that could be controversial and memorable. Laying the swimmers out on the tiles of the swimming pool their heads over the edge of a pool or watching a dolphin swim. Themselves videod in a tank from above, sides and underwater.

5. Providing learning guidance
Offering a way through the maze, the thread through the labarynth or the helping hand. A virtual Bill Furniss ( Olympic swimming coach to Rebecca Addlington), the awards a d certificates aling the way and the times to achieve.

6. Eliciting the performance
Now it’s their turn. For swimming butterfly giving it a go, building through steps until they can swim a 25m, even a 100m race.

7. Providing feedback
Sandwiched, constructive feedback on which to build. Appasite and timely.
8. Assessing the performance
How are targets going? Keeping a log and making comparisons.
9. Enhancing retention and transfer
Did it stick, could they pass it on and so become the teacher?

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