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Damned Soul and other distractions …

Fig. 1. Benzi, after Gianlorenzo Bernini. ‘Damned Soul’, 1705-07

It has taken me 33 months, my fifth module and 16 assignments and for the first time three things have happened:

  • The first draft is written with two days to go.
  • The word count is only 100 or so over the limit.
  • I enjoyed writing it.
  • It’s on access to learning and e-learning by competitive swimmers who are disabled and by coaches with disabilities.

    Then I went to the Royal Academy for the ‘Bronzes’ Exhibition. I plan to return with a sketch pad and draw in awe. I couldn’t help but reflect that all my visits of the last few years my mother would come down from Lincolnshire while I came up from Sussex – having studied Fine Art and gained an MA from Durham she had been my guide.

    Finaly then a presentation in the evening – ‘Use of video in e-learning’ at an IVCA meeting.

    The mindmap’s a page or so back.

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