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Why is curation online so different to curation in a museum?

Fig. 1 The curator and team behind ‘Digital Memory’ at the Design Museum

This is what curation means to me – a team working collaboratively to meet a brief – here to interpret ‘digital memory’ with sponsorship and a bag of crystals from Swarovski.

Ironically the curator for this gallery achieves what auto-curation tools can never do online – collaborate. While it is likely that it is the curated content online that is forvever changing while the stuff in the gallery is fixed.

Fig.2. Is this what a memory looks like?

Fig.3. Or does memory look like this? Unfamiliar Mass by Hye-Yeon Park

Fig.4. Or this? Hardcoded Memory by Troika

Fig.5. Or even this? Thought Cloud by Marten Baas

Collector is another word for it – weren’t the first ‘collections’ just that? Indulgent, expensive and showing off. And were they a curator or collector if they hoarded animal heads, bird’s eggs or insects? In fact, des the curation start the day a professional steps in and to warrant sponsorship or a grant to put someof this stuff on display?

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