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An inspired promotion that goes to the core of my current thinking on e-learning

Fig.1. NHS Advisory – where to go and what to do if you area bit hungover or on death’s door. My GP clinic this morning.

Learning from the periphery is the same thing – at the right level, at the appropriate time, from the centre in. John Seely Brown talks of ‘learning from the periphery’. Obvious really, whatever it is we want to understand or learn to do we come in on the fringe and through our own endeavours or the machinations of teachers, guardians and institutions, we gravitate towards the centre.

Fig.2. Gravitation to gravitas … blue through green to red degrees of worry and action.

In the above instance, you’re a bit unwell – you manage yourself, you have greater concerns you speak to someone – a pharmacist or a nurse through NHS Direct, if it is more serious, though not life freatening, you see a doctor. The last call is the A&E or 999.

Fig. 3. Damien Hirst, Dot Painting – named something pharmacalogical probably. I may or may not have seen it at the Tate Modern over Christmas.

Try this. Where are you in relation to something you want to master? Let’s say, how far are you from exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Arts? Your name is David Hockney – you’re there already, bang smack in the middle. You are at primary school and your mum teaches art – you’re out on the fringe. Pick a dot and try to plot your path through school, college or university and beyond to an MA in Fine Art.

And finally, inspired by the wonderfully inspired promotion for the new Macbook Pro.


Fig.4. The new Macbook Pro. http://www.apple.com/uk/macbook-pro/?cid=CDM-EU-37171&cp=em-P0013538-193105&sr=em

My interests here are mutliple:

👋 the quality, duration and substance of the video – its use for promotion or learning.

👉 what this says about learning and a career pathway – Johny Irvine is a Sunderland lad trained in the North East of England and London. His passion for design got him to the centre – the design world now spons to his tune.

👇the missing influence of Steve Jobs.

👆 I want one!

Two webinars to follow today at 12h00 and 14h00 with the Learning Skills Group




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