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Sometimes you have to stop the car and listen

Fig.1 Golshifteh Farahan – evocative of the role of Sofia

The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman

Captain Stewart Bateman is badly wounded in Afghanistan. Sofia gives him shelter in her home and you know they will fall in love … but with the British Captain in their home Sofia and her father face retributions from the Taliban for harbouring him or from the British army for keeping him prisoner. Wounded in the face, Captain Bateman removes his bandages and struggles to see the young woman who has been caring for him with whom of course he falls  in love.

Sofia’s father is  about to hand ‘Bateman’ over to the Taliban when …

Well, that’s when I stopped the car and the dog had to wait for her walk. Gorgeous music beautifully played. A fairy tale given a modern setting. Characters in love and in jeopardy.

You’ve got 6 DAYS LEFT TO LISTEN from today Friday 14th December

Then what happens? Is it archived? Do you download a podcast … or wait for the movie or TV series.

First broadcast: Thursday 13 December 2012

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