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“Don’t call me disabled – I’m a mutant!”

‘If the Paralympics is covered well, it can change the way you look at and treat people with disabilities,’ says Adam Hills, presenter of C4’s late-night show The Last Leg Adam Hills. He’s about to become a regular face on Channel 4 and did stand up show on TV Thursday 20th December which you can still get on 4OD.

An evening with Adam Hills should be the opening presentation on the module Open University H810 Accessible Online Learning : supporting disabled students

The C4 coverage of the Paralympics was engaging, insightful and very, very funny.

In his stand-up show Adam Hills says that he doesn’t feel disabled, indeed, who would no it – he is missing the lower part of his right leg. He wants to ditch the term ‘disabled’ and jokingly suggested ‘mutant’ as an alternative on the basis that he’d like people to think that he had super powers.

Live at the Lyric



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