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How we learn and remember fascinates me. As we become increasingly capable of recording or having recorded so much that we see and do how much do we want or need? Our minds work to select, filter and store – what however if this is done for is by a device? Can the reality recorded by a device ever be our own?


“’Tis the season” …to curse our memories, that is! For many, it’s “finals” where students’ memories are repeatedly tested. For others, it’s the holidays, where we need to remember who likes what, who we sent cards to last year, and who we need to (re)connect with. Indeed, whether student or not, when we get together with our friends, family, and colleagues for holiday celebrations, our memories are put to the test too: names, faces, facts, preferences, “remember whens….”. ‘Tis the season, indeed — the season to fear making memory errors that may cost us, whether the cost be in terms of grades or in terms of “face.”

Rather than encouraging readers to focus on the bad though, my intent with this post is to help you focus on the good! That is, your memory is really quite good, it’s just that you often don’t know what “good” means. In the…

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