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As three years of postgraduate study with the Open University comes to an end I look forward to picking up further thinking online with this MOOC.

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The OLDS MOOC will be my third MOOC and I have to tell you these MOOCs are addicting 😉

And because one is not enough, I intend to participate in another MOOC – the #MMC13 – MOOC Maker Course, starting 16th January.

Taking two courses, respectively two MOOCs brings up memories of my Open University (OU) study where I normally took as well two courses. I will be very busy, but it will be also great fun to collaborate the participants, probably meeting people I know, and as a nice side effect I can also learn a lot.

During my study with the OU JISC was a valuable source and when I saw that JISC is initiating the OLDS MOOC I was keen to join in. Setting up my clouds in Cloudworks conjured up more memories, as Cloudworks was part of H800 one of my MAODE courses. I was pretty…

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