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This is great stuff. Here I am setting up for a day reading and following my mind wherever it takes me through ‘The Gutenberg Galaxy’ via picking holes in ‘The Shallows’ taking part in the OLDs MOOC 2013, writing my various blogs, reading a few papers, following the work of some WebSciences PhD students I met at the University of Southampton … and along comes this humdinger of a Google hangout to disrupt it all. For all the views I picked up on the first pass I will now go back, take notes, possiblely transcribe, certainly follow up each of the contributors … and so spiral off as I do ‘like a Catherine-wheel that spins with such excitement that it flies of the post it was nailed to and dancers around on the ground like a fire-cracker’.


This is an excerpt I took from a hangout I could have participated in but chose to watch instead. Retrospectively I would have only said ‘I agree’ and not add anything else.
Stephen Judd was mentioning the resistance he and others like him encounter every now and then. Here’s what Harold Jarche responds (you need to jump to 19mn45s in the video for that – thus skipping the beginning):

Ceci est un extrait que j’ai pris d’une bulle à laquelle j’aurais pu participé mais ai préféré regardé à la place. Rétrospectivement j’aurais seulement dit ‘je suis d’accord’ et rien ajouté en plus.
Stephen Judd mentionne à un moment la résistance à laquelle lui et d’autres comme lui rencontrent de temps en temps. Voici ce que Harold Jarche répond (vous devez avancer jusqu’à 19mn45s dans la vidéo pour cela – et passer tout le début):

In a nutshell Harold…

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