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Music and memory doesn’t take us back very far – this is how we learnt language and the tender voice of our mother. This is how we learn in the nursery. And this is how human kind created, told and shared stories for eons before the written, printed, record, or digitized word. Julian is an easy read for a busy mind – full of gentle and perplexing ideas. I take mine like porridge – every day!

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I’m editing my new book on ‘music in learning‘ and trying to draw out my thoughts into some practical models around the subject. Part of this involves trying to characterise how we use different the different languages of learning to convey meaning. Today, i just want to share some thoughts around music, to give an idea where i am heading with this. I feel that if i can create a common view across the different media, maybe it will help us to think about how we use these different languages in our learning design and communication.

I’ve identified eight facets of music that convey meaning or help us to create a narrative track: ‘tempo‘, ‘lyrics‘, ‘rhyme‘, ‘association‘, ‘instruments‘, ‘melody‘, ‘repetition‘ and ‘story‘.

We communicate in stories, using them to establish commonality…

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