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Watch and learn, or is that listen and learn, or read and learn? Or it is all the same thing anyway once its in the washing machine of the mind.?

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Nothing lasts forever, not even good conversations. I’ve been working this week on some ideas around the lifecycle of social learning communities, specifically the changing role of the moderator throughout the lifecycle. I’m working around a three stage approach, with different activities and skills required at each stage. It’s not definitive, but what i’m trying to encourage is for organisations to recognise that there is a skill in moderation, that it’s not a job you just give to an administrator, and that we need to actively curate and retire spaces as they complete their useful lives.

We can recognise three distinct phases: forming, guiding and narrating. Forming is about engagement with the community, it’s the time when people are making introductions and establishing roles. We tend to see varied behaviours at this point: experienced learners, people with high social capital, tend to be visible and active. Others tend to be…

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