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Martin Weller and the MOOCers

I love learning. I can’t get enough of it. E-learning and e-books are my favourite mix. I blog between once and six times a day – perhaps more, sometimes less. A year every day became boring after three so I tried 1,000 words an hour for 24 hours. A photo a day. A drawing a day. Perhaps lifelogging with a sensecam … but to do that I’d want the lifestyle to match, to have something worth capturing. i.e. 20 and fancy free rather than an old foggie with teenage kids.

Learning about learning has been my fix for the last three years and may remain so for another 4+ years through a PhD.

Most things take me a while. I failed my driving test the first time. My first time skiing I broke my leg. And the first time I tried to ask someone if they would marry me the request was so convoluted she thought I should try writing it down. So I guess that was a written contract rather than simply a verbal one. We’ve been married forever apparently.

Why MOOC with Open Learn?

This will be my third MOOC. The first three years ago, PLENK, or was it PLANK? I just took the feeds and read a good deal at a distance. The second has just ended – the OLDS MOOC. I was ‘full on’ for five weeks then got caught up in other things, not least OU Module H809 ‘Practice-based research in e-learning’ though initially I had signed up for H817 having done its earlier incarnation H807 three years ago. I reckoned this Open learn MOOC would give me a taste of H817. I follow a few H817 bloggers already.

All this and last week I learnt that I have successfully completed the Masters in Open & Distance Education. Though I have no idea what that makes me academically – M od&Ed? M.Ed?

For now at least I just can’t get enough as I orientated myself towards a subject area – medical and memory is the current thinking.



  1. vbrasse says:

    Congrats for the MA! Seems appealing…

    I would of course recommend the entire journey. Part-time over three years with far, far more work than could ever be fitted into an MA fulltime.

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  3. […] Martin Weller and the MOOCers (mymindbursts.com) […]

  4. […] Martin Weller and the MOOCers (mymindbursts.com) […]

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