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oerbadgeWas awareded the OER Understanding badge this morning for this Activity 7 blogpost. Great!

3 key issues in OER and how these are being addressed:

From a focus in the early years of the OER movement on sharing, open access, and open standards (Downes, 2001), there is now a growing concern with regards to sustainability and the use, reuse and adaptation of the OER available. Already in 2003, Friesen objected to what he labelled “systems thinking […] uniformity and standardization” and called for an increased focus on educational practice (Friesen, 2003). This is where my blog post takes its starting point.

1. Use of OER in formal education

When the OER movement began, there was a “build it and they will come approach” (Harley et al., 2006:1-1). Many universities started up projects to build OER platforms and make learning objects available online. However, it proved more difficult than anticipated to…

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