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Language is for communication. The terms we chose to usemattet. Let’s keep it meaningful and historically relevant, as well as responsive to those who use the terms and coin and adopt the phrases. More listening and less unnecessary invention is required if everyone is to understand first time – it also reduces confusion down theline.

Reflections on Learning

For activity 5/6 in module 2.3 we were asked to read an article by Stephen Downes written in 2001 on Learning Objects. It was a rather long article that I probably read back in my grad school days and today I found myself wanting to play with new apps on my ipad rather than to reflect on some issues that I thought teachers or educators would have with Learning Objects. (I’m finding all kinds of new technologies to play with from others taking the course and I find my learning disrupted by my own tempting, but isn’t that what serendipity is all about?)

However- here are my thoughts gathered on some issues educators might have with Learning Objects….

I was first introduced to Learning Objects a few years ago in grad school. We had to create them but not too many other people, especially classroom teachers, were familiar with…

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