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Unit Five: Networking and Learning Styles


Unit Five this week covered a number of networking topics from packet switching to essential protocols to network models, Local Area Networks and the construction of IP addresses. Part of our task this week was to reflect on the variety of presentations of our material and determine which worked best and which did not work so well. For instance, do I like working with videos or with text when trying to learn new material.

Learning Styles

One way of determining what could work well is the evaluation of  an individual’s learning styles. Our instructor Bruce Fulton suggested looking at Dr. Richard Felder’s and Dr. Linda Silverman’s Learning Styles model. Felder is  a professor of Chemical Engineering and Silverman is an educational psychologist.  According to Felder, Keefe defined learning styles as “characteristic cognitive, affective, and psychological  behaviors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with, and respond…

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