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It’s so rare that I feel wheezy or am woken with a crackle in my lungs that these last few days remind me, unkindly, that I do afterall have the condition.

I know too well what the causes could be:

Creoset on a neighbour’s fence and shed. This was applied a week ago. The vapour is noxious and heavier than air – both it and my feeling stressed about it in the hot weather would trigger a response.

A change in medication. Whilst I have always managed with the inhaled preventer Qvar and a spacer (two puffs twice a day), for the last ten weeks or so, by mistake rather than design, I have been using an ‘Autoinhaler’ that puts a powder into the lungs with a pumpmevhanism rather than an aerosol. This also elliminated the chance of getting thrush in the mouth.

Having the builders in: this has meant three things: dust in the house from building, fumes from some paints/vanishes though where possible low emmition paints are used and pilling things into our bedroom and a fourth … letting the dog sleep in our room as the building works and rearrangement of furniture has unsettled her.

Being rundown: a mild cold can go to the chest.




I will:

change my prescription back to the autoinhaler – I have an appointment to see my GP;
sort out the bedroom and vacuum the bed, duvet and pillows with a device that removes dust mite – it works;
get some fresh air!

Though I will, mask in place, presson with sanding and painting various surfaces in the bathroom, putting up mirrors and towels rails.


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