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Ways to get the mind and soul excited

What follows is a mashup of key thoughts in a short paper
by the military historian Michael Howard. My thinking behind this
is to take notes, but in a way that may help the ideas stick.
Playfulness is one way to achieve this. What would be better still
would be to attach ideas or clustersof ideas to strong, appropriate
images. If I had to sit an exam on this then pegging the ideas to a
familiar journey would work. Appropriately given the subject matter
and my interests this could even be a walk into the line from
billets at International Corner. north of Poperinge through
communication trenches, along duckboards, following a track, then a
tape and a set of posts to a Jerry concrete pillbox taken from
This thought or principal regarding military history should possibly be my modus operandi as I take a Masters in British First World War studies with the University of Birmingham. Atteninding the Western Front Association Annual
Conference I sat through four lectures and have started to understand the balance played between navy and army for what was
still an empire commected to many parts of the world.








20131006-180457.jpg REFERENCE Howard, M 1981, ‘THE USE AND ABUSE OF
MILITARY HISTORY’, Parameters: U.S. Army War College, 11, 1, pp.
9-14, Historical Abstracts


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