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ZBYGNIEW PELCZYNSKI: A Life Remembered, by David McAvoy (1959)

He may be approaching his 86th birthday but if my father-in-law wants to start a blog to mark a two week tour of Poland I am very happy to oblige. I hope to add detail to the biography of his life, more photos and thoughts, insights and ideas. If you interest is European Politics, 20th Century European History, Poland, the Cold War or Poltical Science this will be a blog to follow. I’ve been advised that as I post on his behalf content may also be in Polish or Japanese.

Dr. Zbigniew Pelczynski

From E-Learning V

Fig.1 Front Cover: The young Hegel scholar giving a tutorial in his rooms at Pembroke College, Oxford

A Review

Pembroke has had more than its fair share of remarkable dons. It was during his time at the College that J. R. R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit and the first two volumes of The Lord of the Rings. Sir Robert Mackintosh saved the lives of countless servicemen during the Second World War by his hazardous experiments to test life jackets and other equipment. Sir George Pickering’s work on high blood pressure was ground-breaking. Robert Baldick, the flamboyant, prolific and bearded fellow in French was the celebrated editor of the Penguin Classics series, was in his mid-forties and at the height of his powers when he died in his mid-forties in 1972. Robert Heuston became one of Britain’s most influential and innovative constitutional lawyers. Simon Blackburn went on from…

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