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JISC Share alike

If this was a prompt from H818 thanks! Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/_TlSG5AJr3Q I’m not sure why it was open on my desktop this morning unless my son (GSCE) or daughter (A Levels) went to it last night??? Anyway, JISC should be on our radar. As I fear or remark, whatever innovation you can dream up someone has surely done it before. This for me is a warning, even recognition of what Dion Hinchliffe is showing in his work on networks – there is coalescence of nodes in the network. For my money I could see students using a WordPress blog as part of their ‘life long learning’. For my own sake I’ll add more Dion Hinchliffee and WordPress here. Meanwhile, this looks good for practical, applied innovations in classroom e-learning. Or, just ‘learning’?


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