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I too am on this MOOC from the University of Southampton. I’m delighted with the ease of using the platform, the engaging content and the tone of it all.

Anfield Girl….

So I’m doing an online course – a MOOC (massive open online course) through the University of Southampton. It’s about what the web is and how we use it, and where it’s going, how it’s changed our lives – all that good stuff.  So this is week one, and I thought I’d use my blog to do my homework. Feel free to chip in or just ignore me. Either way. I’m not easily offended!

So this week’s questions:

How do you use the Web?

Constantly. For everything. My whole life – both socially and professionally, is touched by this thing we call the Web. I’m a Community Content Curator. I gather and collate local amateur sports stories for the local newspaper. I couldn’t do my job without the Web. Communication with my contributors would be too slow to be effective for the print deadlines. I have a very wide geographical…

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