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A firm rock in the shifting sands of socialist …

In 1964 the script on the Great War could have been written a hundred years before … especially the ‘gay hussars’.

But a male script for a male audience.

Her and her .. sides against each other.

Interviews anything but … without exception they appear to have learnt set lines or be reading from a script, so lacking authenticity.

Removed from the front line, so much so that we could be describing an international chess tournament. IN 1964 tens of thousands of veterans were still alive. In 2013 there are of course none.


Machine guns that ‘devour’

So the very choice of words grossly conditions the feelings we are supposed to have.

Better then to have the celebrity historian to take us through.

Then a female ‘interview’ and in 45 seconds she rambles through lines that have so clearly been pre-written, or learned because they are so word perfect.



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