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The primary role of the British Fleet – as Sir Walter Raleigh

I learn, watching ‘The Great War’ BBC TV series that the British Fleet harked back 350 years. Produced in 1964 it would have looked dated in 1989 and the 75th anniversary of 1914.

And music to suggest that something terrible, in operatic terms, is taking place.

Describing the size of guns to an audience that might know what these sizes mean.

‘Colonial possessions’ around the world … a quaint and difficult term for 2013.

A coleman from a merchant ship dressed like a bank manager is ‘interviewed’.

Everything stated as fact without alternative POVs – as if any were invited or expected. As if this is ‘the voice of god’ or at least the Voice of the BBC.

Adding to the lands of the British Empire … at the cost of six dead.

Ha-ha – the Japanese shot a Brit as they couldn’t tell the Europeans apart.

All this portrayed while wonderfully, empire building, regal music trumpets.

German East Africa – an objective narrative?







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