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Authority in Social Leadership: a first draft

My experience is that whilst most people in organisations are interested, only a tiny fraction will do something about it – and that a mixture of skills, aptitudes and attitude, and possibly adjustment to their job description and pay packet. Often a well placed champion can do this – an enthusiast, a leader, a motivator.

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The NET Model - two layers The NET Model of Social Leadership in full, showing the three Dimensions and nine Components The NET Model of Social Leadership defines a style of leadership suitable for the Social Age. It consists of three Dimensions: Narrative (which covers ‘Curation’, ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Sharing’), Engagement (which looks at ‘Community’, ‘Reputation’ and ‘Authority’), and Technology (which explores ‘Co-Creation’, ‘Social Capital’ and ‘Collaboration’). I’ve already written three top level articles covering these areas: this is the sixth in a series exploring each of the nine components in a little more detail. Today: Authority in Social Leadership.

We could view Authority as the goal of Social Leadership. Or, rather, we could if we remained anchored in 20th century notions of leadership. Authority is not the goal, but it is a means to an end. If we have authority, we are better able to engage in certain communities, our messages carry more weight and are…

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