In the spirit of doing something different in order to effect change I attended a ‘Get Together’ organised by Wired Sussex and took the attitude that I would be open to everything and say ‘yes’ to all. Pure H818. Over two hours I listened to, shared with and learnt from Neil, Gerry, Olly, Karla, Tristan, Simon, Michael … and ‘TV Simon’ as I will call him to differentiated from business managing Simon16 (number of employees). I only remember the people, what they said and names to faces as, shared with them, I did this thing of pegging a face to a place on a familiar journey – walking through the house. And so I found Carla at the front door designing jewellery, Gerry on the stairs coaching folk in life skills, Tristan entering my bathroom talking agile waterfalls, Kanban and SCRUM techniques while Simon was on the landing with our dog – his blonde hair and scruffy beard in keeping with our blonde Labradoodle perhaps? Olly was in the garden talking to John, while Neil moved away and subsequently left. These are only those I met. This approach was part of a lengthy conversation about ‘awesome’ positivity and name remembwring courtesy of our cousins in North America. There is now so much to follow up on: things to do, things to research, people to get back in touch with. So here’s me making some kind of public promise to do so, including having a business card by the time of the next meet up. I own the domain name ‘Mind Bursts’ which is where I plan to seed ideas and seek ways for them to flourish and bare fruit. A big part of the discussion was on kickstart, funding and start ups. The next step could be to point the technology at actors performing a script – narrative. Of most relevance to H818 was that Michael came looking for me as Tristan knew ahead of the meet up that I had an interest in museums and the First World War – this converstion, in a side bar, (a sofa where I was collecting my thoughts) and looked at funding for ‘social curation’ using a tried database management and sharing platform. These conversations will continue in the digital hub that is Brighton-to-Lewes, and the other way towards Bournemouth, which this afternoon, almost feels like midwinter in San Diego.


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