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Stop the World Cup from Russian 2018 NOW

The First World War – 100 years ago and we think that Putin’s behaviour is to be accommodated? HE is responsible for too much hideous behaviour: Syria yesterday, Ukraine today, Chetchnya the day before. I am starting a campaign to stop the World Cup in Russia in 2018. Our family heritage goes back to this region and stories of repeated oppression. What has changed in 100 years? Nothing. The Western Front now lies on a line between Poland, Ukraine and Istanbul. The danger is how WE mamage the further collapse of ‘Russia’. How on earth is he back in power?? How can the Russian constitution allow this? He had his turn.The whole idea of democracry is that you give someone a go then vote them out to give someone else a shot. How and who buggered around with the Russian constitution so much that Putin keeps coming back? Are not then Russian people disgusted by him? Surely Putin should be history by now??



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  1. Lorraine says:

    I agree taking away the world cup will do more damage than imposing sanctions, which take a long time to have an impact if at all. I also believe Uefa should go one step further and kick them out of football. There is so much money and power bound up in football it will hurt them much more significantly than sanctions. I do not think that Putin was responsible directly for the shooting down of a civilian aircraft, he is not that stupid, but the seperatists are. Recently shooting at Ukrainian aircraft becoming trigger happy and shooting at anything in the air space.

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