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Oxford Theatre Group 1982

The 1982 Company

From OTG 1982

Mark Ager

Roland Allen

Stefan Bednarczyk

Humphrey Bower

Ian Brunskill

Daniel Clive

Stefan Czerniawski

Andrew Dinn

Jeff Dodds

Charles Eliot

Mike Fahy

France Gallanaugh

Richard Greatorex

Catherine Greene

Patrick Harbinson

Stephi Hemelryk

Roberta Herkes

Patrick Heywood

Ben Hoosen

Nick Insley

Carrie Jones

Chris Jones

John Lanchester

Julia Lane

Jack Latimer

V I Livingstone

Jane Lucas

David Malcolmson

Roger Miles

James Oliver

Beatrice Pope

Rebecca Rose

Sophy Schynjewski

Clare Singleton

Amanda Smith

Ceri Sullivan

Kathy Talbot

Caroline Taylor

David Tushingham

Jonathan Vernon

Fiona Waller

Jonathan Watkins

Sara White

Nigel Williams

Siobhan Williams

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